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Nyheter inkommit ifrån Tonic Studios


Ett urval utav produkterna
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mer finns i butiken.
Helt underbara o härliga verktyg
som går på kugghjul
stansar i 400 gr papper!!

Tonic Studios Super Trimmer

Tonic Studios
Tonic Studios Super Trimmer
Our Super Trimmer is the perfect, handy trimmer for all crafting and scrapbooking tasks. Easy to use, the Super Trimmer comes with both a scoring and a sharp blade – ideal for use on paper and card up to 400gsm weight! Fold-away measuring bars allows for measuring up to 30cm/12inch
Pris 259 kr

Tonic Studios Handy Guillotine

Tonic Studios Handy Guillotine
8"/20 cm
The ideal crafter's trimmer - all the features of the larger guillotines in the range (hardened stainless steel precision ground blade, accurate measuring grid & convenient carrying handle) but in a compact, card-making handy, size!

Pris 249 kr

Tonic Studios Petal Pairs

Box Set 1

Tonic Studios Petal Pairs Box Set 1
Set 1
Petal Pairs Box Sets by Susan Niner Janes - each set contains two modular Petal Punches. Tuck one punched petal shape into another to create beautiful flowers! Each Petal Pairs Punch works with every other Petal Pairs Punch! Click the detailed image link below to see just one flower variation the two petal pair punches in this set can be used to create!

Pris 155 kr

Tonic studios Simplicity Butterfly

Square Die – Item 228e

Tonic studios Simplicity Butterfly Square Die – Item 228e 

Specifically designed to compliment the Simplicity Pattern Paper Punches our brand new Simplicity Dies are compatible with most leading Die-Cut systems (additional spacer plates, acrylic mats or shims may be required depending on Die Cut system).

Pris 99 kr

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